Add/Remove software does not start after being used the first time

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Add/Remove software does not start after being used the firs

Postby rvsw » 2012/11/14 11:06:51

I recently installed CentOS6.3. This is what is happening
a) Start Add/remove software the first time. It works.
b) Close
c) Restart
d) It shows on the notification bar at the bottom that it is starting up. But it does not. I do not know which binary it uses so that I can see what is happening
e) On restarting, add/remove software starts working as earlier

Also, I updated the repositories in yum by following an internet link (cannot find it now). It seems that the add/remove software program does not see the updated repositories. e.g. I tried installing the terminator emulation program. Add/remove software does not see that

Is there a good user guide for centos that also provides information on using GUI and administering the network. These are the main two features that I will use. I can't find it with a google search. The ones that I find are very basic.