Installing CentOS 5 in VirtualBox

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Installing CentOS 5 in VirtualBox

Postby magnet » 2009/03/27 02:34:37

Just thought i would make a note here in case anyone else ran into this.

I am running a pc with windows vista (64 bit) (its my gaming PC). It has an AMD Phenon 9550 quad core 2.2 gig processor and 8 gig ram.

I have Sun xVM VirtualBox 2.1.4 installed

When i create a new VM and try to install 32bit CentOS 5.2 .. the install hangs at "Net: Registered protocol family 2"

.. before it even gets to testing out the media. :-)

With the VM powered off, click on ... the VM Name->Details-tab>General-> Advanced tab .. and select the checkbox "Enable IO APIC".

Power on the VM.. and that should at least get you and running.

Maybe someone who knows the details can fill us in on what that actually does?

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Installing CentOS 5 in VirtualBox

Postby pschaff » 2009/03/27 11:40:35

Haven't you got it backwards? Such nice hardware deserves to be running CentOS on the bare metal!
(However, afraid VirtualBox on CentOS running Windows guest may not give you the gaming performance you are looking for.)

Thanks for posting.

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Re: Installing CentOS 5 in VirtualBox

Postby magnet » 2009/03/30 17:40:25

:-) hehe

Yeah, CentOS should be the host :-) but i need my SLI video cards for COD. I was just testing out a proof of concept.. researching cobbler.

Imagine how fast that box would be running 64bit CentOS... wow.

Further info on IO APIC....

from wikipedia..
"There are two components in the Intel APIC system, the Local APIC (LAPIC) and the I/O APIC. The LAPIC is integrated into each CPU in the system, and the I/O APIC is used throughout the system's peripheral buses. There is typically one I/O APIC for each peripheral bus in the system. In original system designs, LAPICs and I/O APICs were connected by a dedicated APIC bus. Newer systems use the system bus for communication between all APIC components."

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