Active Server Pages (ASP)

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Active Server Pages (ASP)

Postby patickgrantham » 2010/01/14 10:01:05

Is it possible to install Sun Active Server Pages 4.0.2 onto CentOS 5?
The Sun documentation mentions Apache Linux boxes not not explicitly CentOS.
I have a dedicated server (hosted) and don't want to break it unessecarily. I dont' have the luxury of a local box that I can test on.

And before I get bombarded with 'why are you using ASP and not PHP?' it's the amount of time and effort involved in re-writing several sites.



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Re: Active Server Pages (ASP)

Postby bgusenet » 2010/01/14 13:25:45


As far as I know about the sun ASP you should be able to make it run on a Centos with an Apache.

But If I'm not wrong Sun has stopped this product in 2007, you may encounter more and more problems with its installation, as the OS and server will keep on changing and not the product.

There is an apache asp module written in perl which could perhaps do the trick.

Best regards.


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Re: Active Server Pages (ASP)

Postby patickgrantham » 2010/01/14 14:12:53

I am aware that Sun has stopped this product, although there are references to version 4.0.3, but no dates and I cannot work out if that means it is going to remain a support product.
I have also looked into the Apache Perl version, but the reviews are mixed.

I currently have other Apache servers (virtual hosts) that have Chillisoft ASP running on them and they seem very stable, so I would rather go down that route than try the Perl option.
Most of the new sites will use PHP, but I currently have too many ASP sites to re-code.
Perhaps I should have opted for Windows rather than Linux?

Thanks for your help


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Re: Active Server Pages (ASP)

Postby justincase » 2010/01/16 09:46:03

Have you looked at mono xsp to host asp files? here is a link to their site.

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Active Server Pages (ASP)

Postby markkuk » 2010/01/16 23:46:41

ASP and ASP.NET are two different technologies, porting to ASP.NET would need a rewrite of the existing code just like porting to PHP.

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