starting mysqld?

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starting mysqld?

Postby brandor » 2005/11/04 19:46:50

I've had CentOS up and running for a few months now. When I first installed, I knew that I would need mysql at a later time so installed it then. Now that I need it, I can't find how to start it up.

[root@bluerhino ~]# service mysqld start
mysqld: unrecognized service

When I run ntsysv mysqld does not show up in the list.

yum search mysql shows that mysql is indeed installed.

Anyone have any ideas?



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Re: starting mysqld?

Postby g_a_t_e » 2005/11/05 00:50:59

/etc/init.d/mysqld start


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starting mysqld?

Postby teleport » 2005/11/05 07:44:12

yum install mysql-server

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Re: starting mysqld?

Postby simplemouse » 2006/01/13 14:46:40

teleport wrote:
yum install mysql-server

thnx was looking for that command :S