Old Centos 3 and VMWare

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Old Centos 3 and VMWare

Postby nickbrooker » 2011/05/31 23:29:39


this will no doubt be social as people will probably get a laugh :-)

I'm looking for Centos 3.0 ISOs to do a test of virtualising a production server that has been locked in a corner and forgotten about.

The oldest I've found at vault.centos.org is 3.1. Anyone happen to knwo where I can get 3.0 ISOs? Anyone tried virtualising it?

I've done one that is RH 7.2 and it virtualised OK on ESX 3.5 but starting locking up when the tools got installed.

I might be prodding the unstable thing with the big stick of stupidity :-)



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Old Centos 3 and VMWare

Postby toracat » 2011/06/01 01:18:49

As far as I know, CentOS 3.0 does not exist. :-( 3.1 was the first release of version 3.

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