VNC headless install from USB

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VNC headless install from USB

Postby tahunasky » 2012/12/23 03:48:12


I am wanting to do a headless install from a USB stick via VNC.

What i am trying to do is plug a network and power cable into a new server, plug in a USB key with CentOS 6.3 on it, turn on the power and then connect to it via VNC from another computer to do the CentOS installation.

I add the following to the isolinux.cfg

label linux
menu label ^Install or upgrade via VNC
menu default
kernel vmlinuz
append initrd=initrd.img vnc headless ip=dhcp ksdevice=eth0 lang=en_US keymap=us

which takes care of the langauge and keyboard questions, however i get asked about the INSTALLATION METHOD, where is asks LOCAL CD/DVD, HARD DRIVE, NFS DIRECTORY or URL.

I want to use the USB stick to install from, so how do i do this ?

If i manually select /DEV/SDB1 and /IMAGES/INSTALL.IMG it works fine.

I have tried:

but I still get asked the INSTALLATION METHOD question.

Another problem i wonder might happen is that if i use a different USB port it will want a different dev name (eg /dev/sdb2), is there a way around this ?

Thanks in advance for any help.