Centos 6 minimal to Gnome - Errors

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Centos 6 minimal to Gnome - Errors

Postby agriz » 2013/01/11 06:21:32

I tried to install GNOME to minimal version of centos 6.3

In the beginning i used kde. Then i uninstalled them. I installed all the required group for gnome.

The problem is

When i type startx the normal user is seeing a blank screen. But root is connected to desktop with warning. In root login, unable to change the switch user

The following error is displayed

Unable to start new display
The name org.gnome.DisplayManager was not provided by any .service files

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Re: Centos 6 minimal to Gnome - Errors

Postby YBellefeuille » 2013/01/13 20:48:42

You said that you installed all the groups required for Gnome, but how did you do so? If you did it manually, it's possible that you missed some groups. yum will automatically check dependencies. You can also install yum-utils, which includes package-cleanup; run package-cleanup --problems to make sure that all dependencies are installed.