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VMware GSX 3.1

Postby saraos » 2005/07/22 16:14:20

Dear Friends,

I have a running box of CENTOS 4.1 into a vm of VMware GSX 3.1. After install VMware-Tools and use VMware-config-tools.pl my X server doesn't run anymore. A mouse driver error. Anyone has this tools installed correctly?

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Re: VMware GSX 3.1

Postby bobbyseatbelt » 2005/09/29 08:59:57

i got centos 4.0 on gsx 3.2 w/o issue. when installing the vmware-tools package i had to install kernel source and compile it for the headers so the tools install could make custom modules.

up2date kernel-source
cd /usr/src
ln -s linux-2.6.9-11.EL linux
cd linux
make oldconfig
vi Makefile
^^ edit your EXTRAVERSION and take out the "custom", mine: "EXTRAVERSION = -11.EL"
make -j2 bzImage


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