CentOS 6.1 release

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CentOS 6.1 release

Postby cybernet2u » 2011/12/09 07:27:30

as any other centos user i'm bugging you guys with the 6.1 release
will it happen untill 25 Dec ? :-D maybe christmas will bring many bug fixes

and why vlc is not in the official repositories ? it should be cause maybe when we do a remote install or do some heavy
compiling we may wanna watch our favorite sop ( TV show )

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CentOS 6.1 release

Postby jlehtone » 2011/12/09 08:43:52

You might not have noticed, but the Social Forum does already have
a thread for "bugging" 6.1. I think this Forum concentrates on the
support of the already released CentOS.

Video and audio algorithms are full of licenses not suitable for distribution
with good ol' GPL. Seek the third party repositories.

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Re: CentOS 6.1 release

Postby kuhanzhu » 2011/12/09 11:14:37

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Re: CentOS 6.1 release

Postby Splop » 2011/12/09 11:44:03

The first mirror I checked this morning had all the ISOs and torrents.
The torrent is sharing the complete ISOs. Got them in 20 minutes.

But I suppose it's best to wait until the repositories are up.