Question: Are bots allowed on CentOS IRC channels?

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Question: Are bots allowed on CentOS IRC channels?

Postby DaemonProgrammr » 2011/12/22 10:56:27

First of all: Something off my chest: To all operators, moderators and active members of the CentOS community: you Rule!
Since a short while now, I'm happily running CentOS on several of my machines and though they have their peculiarities, everything seems to work great.
This also because of an active community that usually seems to respond to questions within minutes. Likewise, I find amusement and some pride into scanning the fora myself to offer assistance and help wherever I can.

I'm thinking about keeping half-an-eye on the IRC's mentioned in the support page. I'd like to do that, coding a few simple processes using pIRC-bot java. Both with the intention to scan for definable content and notifying me when something interesting comes along / happens. And ofcourse for the learning experience. (I have quite a bit of experience with Java, but not so much with IRC bots..)

I'll solemnly promise that these bots will not misbehave, produce noise or block any functions in any way. But before I write / deploy anything, I'd like to know if they're allowed?

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Question: Are bots allowed on CentOS IRC channels?

Postby pschaff » 2011/12/22 11:18:39

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I use screen and irssi to follow some IRC channels passively - don't much care for the communications style there myself. I know bots are used on some #centos-* channels by the channel ops, but no idea about the policy. I'd ask there.