Centos 6.4, 64 bit running slow

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Centos 6.4, 64 bit running slow

Postby newport_j » 2013/06/27 15:21:21

My system is runnung very slow now. I am rebooted about an hour ago and eventually, eventually
it completed the boot-up. There was a much longer time now than usual from when it started the
boot-up until it completed the boot-up. It just seems thst everything is running slow.

What could be wrong? I have not done a software upgrade in several months. I am no longer on the
network here.

I know that a software upgrade can be done in MS Windows version where one can upgrade software
on a system that is not on the network. Can it be done on my Centos 6.4, 64 bit?

I am unsure as to what is wrong. I guess the reboot sholud not have been done, but now I am
in a difficult position becuase I am off the net and I do not know what tests to run to find the error.

I may be off the network, but I do have access to the network and internet from other sources. Any
software thta can be downloaded and run on my system can be done.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Centos 6.4, 64 bit running slow

Postby YBellefeuille » 2013/06/28 00:55:41

The obvious suggestion is to find out why your computer is so slow. Try top to see what the load is, how many tasks are running, and how much memory and cache is used.