CentOS for ARM

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CentOS for ARM

Postby gordan » 2012/03/25 14:16:33

I recently became aware that this is being worked on as of recently. A similar thing already exists, though. Those interested in an ARM port may also be interested in taking a look at RedSleeve Linux, which is an ARM port of the same upstream distribution as CentOS.

You can look here for more info:

In total 109 SRPMs had to be modified in order to get them to build and work on ARM. They are in SRPMS/changed directory on the RedSleeve mirror. (Note: About 5 of those 109 were changed in order to remove the upstream branding which isn't relevant to the CentOS effort as it is already taken care of. It is quite well known what those are.)

I hope this is of interest to the CentOS ARM port efforts. Or, you could take RedSleeve for a spin, since that is already available. :)

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CentOS for ARM

Postby pschaff » 2012/03/25 15:51:41

Thanks for the information. I see you also posted to centos-devel.

Since your post is about another rebuild effort, and not CentOS (at least currently), I'm moving it to Social.

I'm going to be a bit surprised if they don't get a visit from TUV's lawyers. Both the name and the logo seem a bit too close for comfort.

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Re: CentOS for ARM

Postby gordan » 2012/03/26 10:39:37

Indeed, I am aware of the possibility that TUV may send objections, but the letter of their T&Cs for 3rd party clones has been followed. Regardless, I have emergency standby branding for an insta-re-brand if it becomes an issue. :)