CentOS 7 Belgian Keyboard not available

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CentOS 7 Belgian Keyboard not available

Postby afterburner » 2014/07/12 13:45:22

Hello Dears,

Strange for me on this new 7th version the Belgian Keyboard layout is not available during installation.

It's not in the list to select the keyboard layout.

Do you have any idea about to solve this ?

Thanks and


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Re: CentOS 7 Belgian Keyboard not available

Postby arrfab » 2014/07/12 14:41:20

Yes, it is : believe me : I'm using the be-latin1 keyboard layout myself ;-)
The "strange" part in anaconda (which was completely rewritten "from scratch") is that they call it "Dutch; Flemish (Belgian)".
If during install you just type "belgian" you'll also see it in the list.

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Re: CentOS 7 Belgian Keyboard not available

Postby cidrolin » 2014/08/14 09:37:50

The belgian keyboard has always been referred to as "Belgian French", which does make sense, since french-speaking belgian residents need the same accented letters on the keyboard as residents of France. Dutch-speaking belgians, in turn, could use a standard qwerty keyboard as well, they use accented letters in only rare occasions. As Anaconda has been re-written, I would assume that the only belgian participants are flemish, and that they have recently voted for some flemish nationalist party...

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Re: CentOS 7 Belgian Keyboard not available

Postby avv-centos » 2014/09/13 13:08:23

Hello all,

Same here, 1 month later nothing changed either.

Just a kind reminder to the Community :
5.000.000 people are native frecnh speakers here
50.000 are native german speaker (german is the 3rd official language of belgium)

This withdrawal looks pretty strange since the choice is complete for Luxembourg, where 528.000 people reside.

Thank you for the fix in due respect to everyone on earth.