389-directory server in cent0s 6

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389-directory server in cent0s 6

Postby kalidoss » 2011/11/15 07:14:55

How to install 389 directory server in cent0s 6???
If it is from repositories means How to do it???
i don't have internet connection.....................
can anyone help me????????????????????

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389-directory server in cent0s 6

Postby pschaff » 2011/11/17 16:21:17

Welcome to the CentOS fora. Please see the recommended reading for new users linked in my signature.

It is in the Continuous Release [cr] repo.

Code: Select all

# yum list 389\*
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, refresh-packagekit
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * centosplus:
Available Packages
389-ds-base.x86_64                                 cr
389-ds-base-devel.i686                             cr
389-ds-base-devel.x86_64                           cr
389-ds-base-libs.i686                              cr
389-ds-base-libs.x86_64                            cr

Accessing that without an Internet connection will be a bit problematic. You could just download the RPMs and attempt to install them, but I suspect that without an Internet connection or local mirror you will have dependency issues.

I'd suggest you see Creating Local Mirrors for Updates or Installs and Creating Update Media for general guidance to set up a mirror on your LAN or a repo on other media. The links do not explicitly address the [cr] repo but the techniques are applicable. This has the advantage of also providing your system with updates.

Please ask if you have specific questions.