XRDP and xfce

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XRDP and xfce

Post by JDAIII » 2015/02/10 22:29:00

So I have used the method of installing tigervnc-server and xrdp in order to allow users to rdp into a centos 7 server. What I need to do now is get the rdp to default to xfce for the users.

Question is, I have gnome and xfce installed side by side and I want the rdp to default to xfce. how would this be done? I can log in at physical workstation with xfce or gnome perfectly fine if I select it one the login screen, but can’t seem to get the rdp to default to xfce for users logging in via rdp. It always defaults to gnome.

I tried:
1. placing startxfce4 at the front of the list in /etc/xrdp/startwm.sh (didn’t work)
2. commenting out wm_start and placing startxfce4 in it’s place (didn’t work)
3. Created a ~/.xsession file and populated it with startxfce4 (didn’t work)

Also, if there is another method of enabling rdp from windows machines to the server which will default to the xfce DE, that would be great! But for the time being, I'm going with what has always worked with me since I don't mind gnome.

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Re: XRDP and xfce

Post by RTBuhler » 2015/09/02 19:17:21

I've found this solution:

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nano ~/.Xclients
Then copy & paste:

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XFCE="$(which xfce4-session 2>/dev/null)"
exec "$XFCE"
Make it executable:

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chmod +x .Xclients
And restart the xrdp server:

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sudo service xrdp restart
I still have no idea how to make it default to all users.

Source: http://qiita.com/tukiyo3/items/38b53f3c6a9970cfafe4

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