no libmysqlclient.a ?

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no libmysqlclient.a ?

Postby aureliano_jz » 2011/10/24 10:07:13

Dear all:

I'm compiling some software requires libmysqlclient.a.

here is a bug said that mysql-devel no longer supplies libmysqlclient.a:

Was that true?

What cant do now?


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no libmysqlclient.a ?

Postby pschaff » 2011/10/25 17:17:42

Welcome to the CentOS fora. Please see the recommended reading for new users linked in my signature.

It appears that the the static libraries are no longer built. You could either remove the patch that stops building the static libraries and rebuild from the SRPM or change the software compilation process such that it uses the dynamically linked libraries - preferred.