RSYSLOG logging to mysql

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RSYSLOG logging to mysql

Postby rarebearnm » 2012/02/15 01:22:24

I'm setting rsyslog for a number of servers and want to use Log Analyzer, unless there's a better product. Running CentOS 6.2. I have a dedicated log server (LogSrv) and several clients (MailSrv, etc). So far I have rsyslog logging to messages on the LogSrv fine. I tail -f and watch messages spool in from the clients. The rsyslog.conf includes custom templates (MailSrvtmpl) and a line like:

if ($source == '111.222.333.444') then : ommysql:,rsyslogdb,rsyslog,rsyslog-passwd;MailSrvtmpl

When I go to mysql

mysql -u root -p
enter passwd

use rsyslogdb
database changed

select * from MailSrv; MailSrv is a table created in rsyslogdb.

I get:
empty set

If I select * from SystemEvents, SystemEvents is another table, I see many log entries.

So it appears that the central log server is getting the messages, the database is storing them in SystemEvents but not in the tables setup for each client. I do see returns from rsyslog like "action call returned -2121" and -2002 when I call rsyslogd with -c5 -n -d options. Does anyonr have ideas where to turn to next? This seems very close but not quite there yet.

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RSYSLOG logging to mysql

Postby DaemonProgrammr » 2012/02/15 08:58:56

First thing I could think of: The table structure might be a problem?
Are you sure those templates are valid?
Maybe any VARCHAR(nn) definitions are 'too short'?