Where do I find vnc-ltsp-config (for enabling remote VNC)? It's vanished from download sites!

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Where do I find vnc-ltsp-config (for enabling remote VNC)? It's vanished from download sites!

Postby wholesolutions » 2012/02/19 13:55:51

I need to have remote VNC access to my CentOS 6 server at Linode. I've followed the instructions at http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/VNC-Server -- however, I've hit a dead-end, and can't figure out what to do:

Step 5 says to install xinetd and vnc-ltsp-config.

However, trying to install the 2nd item via yum returns "No package vnc-ltsp-config available."

The instructions say to download it at the EPEL repository, but I've looked there and can't find it. I then searched all over the web, checking every download site I could find. The closest I've gotten is a few sites that claim to offer the CentOS5 version (but even then it's not actually clear that it's available); and several places I've looked say the file has been moved, and then I can't find it at the new location.

Did something go wrong with this file for 6? Has it been taken offline deliberately (it seems to be the *one* file I can't get) -- yet it is specifically described in the Step 5 of documentation for enabling remote VNC, and it makes no mention of the total disappearance of this file!

I'm stuck at this step, every that I have to do comes after this step, and I urgently need to get this up and running (today!).

I'm hoping someone can give me some clear "dummy's guide" instructions as to where to get this specific file for my OS version downloaded to my server via command line.

Please help! :) Thanks in advance! :)

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Where do I find vnc-ltsp-config (for enabling remote VNC)? I

Postby pschaff » 2012/02/19 21:01:32

Welcome to the CentOS fora, and congratulations on being one of the select few to do the recommended reading before posting.

That's more of an EPEL question; however, seems to still be available for EL5. As it's a noarch it may well work for EL6 - vnc-ltsp-config-4.0-4.el5.noarch.rpm. You could also grab the SRPM and rebuild for EL6 if it gives problems.

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