New Spacewalk Installation - Trouble with Certification

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New Spacewalk Installation - Trouble with Certification

Postby wipilot » 2012/04/25 22:47:32

I am installing Spacewalk 1.7 on CentOS 6.2.
I have it up and running and am going through the instructions at: ... intowebapp

I am running into problems installing the certs.
I've run gpg --gen-key with no problems and have exported the keys.
1. My first problem is with "Set the web.gpg_keyring in /etc/rhn/default/rhn_web.conf to your newly exported keyring. "
I do not have the /etc/rhn/default directory.
I do have /usr/share/rhn/config-defaults/rhn_web.conf so I changed:
#web.gpg_keyring = /etc/webapp-keyring.gpg
web.gpg_keyring = /etc/spacewalkcertkey.gpg
Is this sufficient?
Should I create the defaults directory and move the contents of config-defaults to it?
Have I missed installing something?

2. I tried to run:
./ --orgid 1 --owner rowen --signer rowen --no-pass-phrase --output /etc/rhn/default --expires 2022-04-22 --slots 2000 --provisioning-slots 2000 --satellite-version 1.7
and found that I don't have the required directory /var/www/lib. perl.x86_64 is installed.
Note: I created an empty /etc/rhn/default directory for this step.
What am I missing?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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New Spacewalk Installation - Trouble with Certification

Postby Crunch » 2012/04/27 04:03:07


Thanks for posting. Please see if the following link is helpful. It is for CentOS 5 but may still be relevant. ... /Spacewalk

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