RHCE certifications video offer

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RHCE certifications video offer

Post by sys_dr » 2016/09/27 18:11:07


I learned CentOS.I want to get RHCE and RHCSA certification. Do you offer me this certification programs video tutorial online or do you know Recommended Books.


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Re: RHCE certifications video offer

Post by TrevorH » 2016/09/27 18:43:34

CentOS itself offers nothing like that but CentOS (the operating system) can be used in order to study for those qualifications.
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Re: RHCE certifications video offer

Post by giulix63 » 2016/09/28 06:50:29

I am currently studying on this book (time will tell whether it's good or not :lol: ). It covers both RHCSA and RHCE for RHEL 7 with plenty hands-on exercises.There are video courses online, but I haven't tried them.
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Re: RHCE certifications video offer

Post by mghe » 2016/09/28 19:07:54

Book which giulix63 recommend should be enough to RHCSA, it very simply language and example and exercise. To RHCE you should have feel confident in Linux.

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