Hello from a new guy

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Hello from a new guy

Postby joat » 2013/04/20 15:00:10

Hi everyone, as you see this is my first post, so greetings all round.

I have just been thrown in at the deep end.
A friend wants me to administer a hosted LAMP server running on CentOS. This could go badly wrong!
I have been using Linux for a few years and have played around with home servers but ultimately I'm an amateur.
Also I've been using that other brand of Linux, you know that popular one that is not based on RHEL, oops!
So I guess it will be yum for me from now on.
Anyway, I've been a good boy and read the FAQs etc. and Googled night and day but if I come back here and ask daft questions please be gentle with me. :)

Bye for now, I'm just off to renew my passport in case I have to leave the country in a hurry.


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Hello from a new guy

Postby toracat » 2013/04/20 23:55:32

Welcome to CentOS and the forums.

I have no doubt you will soon get used to CentOS, more generally, Enterprise Linux, if you have used Linux for some years. And you will start helping others in the forums. :-)

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Re: Hello from a new guy

Postby simsym05 » 2013/05/09 08:01:52

Hi joat;

Welcome in the Forum;
I'm sure enough you will do good, no one can know everything, this is why we alls are here in the forum.
Do not hesitate to ask any question, there is no stupid question, there is only stupid guys who never ask to learn.

Welcome again and enjoy with your new experience.