CentOS6.9 frozen after launching python

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CentOS6.9 frozen after launching python

Post by wongkc987 » 2017/11/24 00:47:07


I recently have an issue with my centOS6.9. It works perfectly fine 2 days ago but starting yesterday, when I launched terminal and run some commands, centOS is frozen (while I can still run commands in terminal.)

I have python installed but if I launch python, the terminal does not launch python. However, I can still type. My mouse can move, but I cannot resize or switch to any other applications. Basically I cannot do anything except the windows I am using. If I type logoff in the terminal, it would not return to the login screen, and everything is stuck in the desktop view.

I can access to CTRL ALT F2 view, I used top and CPU, RAM are not 100%. Is there any way to debug this issue?


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