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Re: PC crashes

Post by northpoint » 2018/09/18 13:36:15

To northpoint :
My CentOS is 7.5.1804 normally the latest, and since my last post I tried to install the latest Kernel, which is 3.10.0-862.11.6.el7, but I never managed to have it working (the loading process gets stuck before it arrives to the CentOS starting screen, where I enter my password). So I am still running with x86_64.
Do I understand correctly that you are you using CentOS 7.4 version with the 4.14.8 kernel ?
Is it a kernel from ELRepo repository ?

Im sorry, I kinda miss spoke here. I am running the latest kernel on another system (linux Mint) with an AMD +1800 and a 480x video card. That particular kernel runs fine on that flavor.

On my ML380 server I am running CentOS7.x (dont remember subversion) with this kernel:


My apologies,

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