Default in-built rules in iptables

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Default in-built rules in iptables

Post by JohnMelody » 2018/05/22 09:16:07

I installed CentOS 7 for the first time recently and decided to stick with iptables, as it was what I was used to, so I installed iptables-services on the CentOS 7 box and I disabled and masked firewalld.

On CentOS 6 I usually disabled the firewall by running
# service iptables stop
it would stop the firewall and also remove all rules so an
# iptables -S
would show the following

However on CentOS 7 if I type
# service iptables stop or systemctl stop iptables
and I issue the
iptables -S command following this all the rules are still defined

Is there something else I am missing that maybe was configured by default on CentOS 6 that I have not configured correctly on the new CentOS7?

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Re: Default in-built rules in iptables

Post by TrevorH » 2018/05/22 09:50:08

Are you sure that firewalld isn't still installed and running? If you aim to use iptables-services then I would yum remove it entirely.
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Re: Default in-built rules in iptables

Post by tunk » 2018/05/22 17:44:53

In addition to disabling and masking it, I think you have to stop it (or reboot): systemctl stop firewalld

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