how to NOT mount usb drive at boot

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how to NOT mount usb drive at boot

Post by fredex » 2018/05/28 19:19:33

On Centos 7.5, I have an external raid/backup box attached via USB. I do NOT want it to automatically mount at system boot (it is set up to automount when accessed, so the backup script just starts accessing it and voila!)

How do I configure the system so that particular drive doesn't automatically mount at boot? It is not listed in /etc/fstab (well, it is, but the entry is commented out).

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Re: how to NOT mount usb drive at boot

Post by hunter86_bg » 2018/06/07 00:25:34

You can add the noauto option in fstab and then your backup script should mount it explicitly.Autofs has a timeout feature, which will umount it if being idle.The same feature is available for systemd automount.

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