Cannot Access External USB DVD Drive

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Cannot Access External USB DVD Drive

Post by DaveHighland » 2018/06/06 02:05:36

I have a new installation of Centos 7 on a mini-PC, and I am unable to access an external USB DVD drive (LG Slim Portable DVD Writer, Model SP80NB80). RythmBox, SMplayer, and K3b do not see it. If the door is open, or if the door is closed but there is no disc in the tray, then the drive shows up in the left pane of Gnome Disks as:

CD/DVD Drive

and the right pane identifies the device as "/dev/sr0 (Read-Only)".

If I put a disc in and close the tray, the above entry disappears from the left pane of Gnome Disks, the drive clicks a couple of times, and then the entry reappears. This cycle continues every 2 to 3 seconds until I open the tray. In Files, if I click on "Other Locations", a lengthy list of "Audio Disc" entries appears (see attachment), as if a folder was logged for each time the drive appeared in the left pane of Gnome Disks.

For grins, I tried clicking on one of those "Audio Disc" entries in Files, and the computer hung, but hard. Had to cycle power.

Any suggestions for solving this problemn will be sincerely appreciated.
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