Mount HFS & HFSPLUS (Apple Filesystem Types)

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Mount HFS & HFSPLUS (Apple Filesystem Types)

Post by i3z » 2018/06/09 22:01:01


Have you suffered while trying to mount HFS & HFS+ in CentOS?

Easy doing but hard to find out, I was looking too many websites looking for solution to this answer and I couldn't find real one. Here I am share 0.02 experience today!

First thing first, you have to install kmod-hfs & kmod-hfsplus and hfsplus-tools.

Step 1:

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rpm --import
Step 2:

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yum install kmod-hfs
Step 3:

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yum install kmod-hfsplus
Step 4:

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yum install hfsplus-tools
Finally confirm installation via:

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rpm -qa | grep hfsplus
Sample Output
[root@server modprobe.d]# rpm -qa | grep hfsplus
Hard drive & partitions should be working fine now! IF NOT keep reading. Harden security will stop mount Apple Filesystem Types and show error as: mount: unknown filesystem type 'hfsplus' or 'Master: hfsplus not configure in the kernel' BUT APFS must be written on the kernel configuration kmod-hfs, kmod-hfsplus will take while to installation cause it's adding new file-system types to the kernel, kernel first responsibility is HARDWARE, so if you suffer from this issue EVEN after installation of those packages above. That means either misconfiguration with kernel or HARDEN SECURITY been applied.


Check your modprobe configure files.

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ls -la /etc/modprobe.d
If you can see any of files below you have to permanently delete them to mount APPLE FILESYSTEM TYPES

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rm -rf hfsplus.conf
rm -rf hfs.conf
rm -rf udf.conf
rm -rf squashfs.conf
rm -rf jffs2.conf
rm -rf freevxfs.conf
rm -rf cramfs.conf

That's it! you can immediately open file window and press any of you APFS hard drive and you won't see error message any more.

Thank you for reading, please leave comment.

Best Regards,

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