OpenLDAP support in CentOS 8?

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OpenLDAP support in CentOS 8?

Post by SilvaFox » 2018/09/10 18:28:30

I know the general rule is that CentOS follows where RHEL leads, but I wanted to check if anyone can definitively say whether CentOS 8 would continue to offer OpenLDAP even though Red Hat has apparently made the decision to deprecate it (see Thanks!

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Re: OpenLDAP support in CentOS 8?

Post by hunter86_bg » 2018/09/11 18:14:26

As CentOS is built from RHEL sources - it will be the same like with RHEL ... so definately won't be available via the main channels.
I hope that it will be available from external repos.
By the way , why don't you consider migrating to FreeIPA for example ?

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