Unable to start GUI with non-root log-on

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Unable to start GUI with non-root log-on

Post by howardyoudoing » 2018/09/14 19:03:45

First off, I am very new to Linux and especially CentOS, as I need to use CentOS for research this semester.

I installed and have been running CentOS 7 with gnome for the past two weeks with no problems. I usually just keep the computer locked in the lab I'm working in, and never needed to do a full reboot until today (not due to any issues, just had to leave the computer off for the night). After rebooting, I try to log in (I have root credentials, but I log on as a user), and after trying to load the desktop GUI, the system just kicks me back to the log in prompt.

I tried Ctrl+alt+F2, changing to root, then running "startx" and I was able to start up the desktop GUI as root. However, I don't want to operate as root for obvious reasons.

How do I fix this? Also, I have been teaching myself most of this, so if responses could be as explicit as possible, that would be very very very helpful.


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Re: Unable to start GUI with non-root log-on

Post by TrevorH » 2018/09/14 21:02:17

Reboot, login as the user and watch it fail. Switch terminals, login at the command line and look at the various logs under /var/log. Running ls -lart /var/log will show you the most recently modified at the bottom. Read those first.
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