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prevent yum updates

Post by Ovitus » 2018/12/07 16:03:45

Is there a way to prevent a system from updating to a newer release when installing from the repositories? I'm trying to run my labs on CentOS 7.0 as I believe that's the version specified on Redhat's website. However, certain packages want to update the system when installed through yum, such as samba and nfs-utils.

centos-release x86_64 7-5.1804.el7.centos packages 24 k
dracut x86_64 033-535.el7 packages 325 k
initscripts x86_64 9.49.41-1.el7 packages 437 k
samba x86_64 4.7.1-6.el7 packages 661 k

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Re: prevent yum updates

Post by TrevorH » 2018/12/07 16:32:56

Please don't. Updates are released for a reason, usually for security patches. If you stick on 7.0 then you will have 4.5 years worth of unpatched security vulnerabilities present. That's a danger to you, your data and everyone else. You'll just become part of another botnet being used to compromise other people's machines and send SPAM.
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Re: prevent yum updates

Post by Mike_Rochefort » 2018/12/09 00:32:15

I agree with Trevor, although I understand there are situations in which certain updates require software rebuilds or are known to have conflicts not yet resolved, or you don’t want to mess with production environments. However, 7.0 is very old and at this point, and very vulnerable as Trevor mentioned. Is there a specific reason you need the .0 release? Even being one minor version behind on a fully updated 7.5.1804 build would be better than from the original GA.


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