[Solved] on board network card

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[Solved] on board network card

Post by lightman47 » 2018/12/08 17:59:11

Question: Is there some 'tool' to test or adjust an on-board network card?

I have an older box with an Asus motherboard upon which is contained the (10/100) network card. A few weeks ago, it began failing to Wake-Up (WOL) for it's backup & updates. {Thinking back, that was about the time of a wind-storm & power out/on.} The card seems to otherwise work fine, it just no longer wakes up the computer. It does receive the magic packet (Wireshark confirmed). I, of course, went into the BIOS and Reset, then reconfigured, the settings to no avail.

I'm not at a total loss if I don't get it working again. I can manually start it two a week and let it runs it's tasks; it was just nice when it came on, did it's chores, then shut itself off afterwards. I can also throw in another NIC and disable the on-board.

I guess, as mentioned, I am wondering if there was a software way to just "fiddle" with the card and maybe get it working with WOL again.

Oh - it runs fully updated CentOS 7.6. The problem preceded 7.6.

Thank you.

Assumption is that the portion of the card is 'ka-put' and there is no use pursuing this. Thank you

Edit 2019 01 08:
New Intel card solved the problem.

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