Upgrading CentOS 6 to 7

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Upgrading CentOS 6 to 7

Post by DonSea » 2019/01/09 17:15:33

Hello Guys,

I'm new using CentOS. In my new job, my boss asked me to upgrade CentOS from 6 to 7. I've read a lot of forums here and outside and there is different information related with this upgrade. Some people say that there is tool to make this upgrade but looks like is old and not working with latest versions.
Also I've found the following page with some steps: https://linuxacademy.com/blog/linux/cen ... -in-place/ but I'm not sure to follow this stems. Iv'e searched in several topics here, but I cannot found a clear answer or answer are too old.

Please, can you assist me with my question?

It is possible to upgrade CentOS from 6 to 7 without a fresh installation?

If yes, do you have a step by step site or any how to?

This is a critical server for my Company, so I don't want to brake it.

Thank you for your support an assistance.


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Re: Upgrading CentOS 6 to 7

Post by TrevorH » 2019/01/09 17:38:57

There is no upgrade from CentOS 6 to 7 at all. For a brief period around 7.0 time there was a vaguely working utility but it never worked very well and was prone to errors. Once 7.1 came along even that stopped working and has never worked since and never will.

The recommended approach is to reinstall in parallel and migrate your apps and services from old to new machines.
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