Install Disk Not Boot

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Install Disk Not Boot

Post by borgward512 » 2019/01/12 23:25:34

CentOs-7-i386-minimal-1810.iso. ASUS A7N8X-X mobo, Athlon XP3200+ CPU, 2GB DDR 400 RAM.

Booted the install disk, got 2 messages before the system came to a halt:

[0.000000] Detected single CPU native boot.

[0.000000]Important: In CentOs 7, single threaded, single CPU 64-bit physical systems are unsupported. Please see for more information.

Why am I getting the last message? The CPU is 32bit. I can boot Mint Mate 18.1 32bit live. I also booted a CentOs 5.7 32bit install on that machine and run everything.

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