Lighttpd issues compiling with SSL support

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Lighttpd issues compiling with SSL support

Post by projects067 » 2019/01/13 18:06:28

I'm running HAProxy on Centos7 with SNAPT for the GUI. Apparently Snapt's default install doesn't include SSL support with Lighttpd which is their included web-browser. How can I recompile the install to add support? Whenever I add the SSL modules into the config, the process refuses to start. Is there anyone on here with any knowledge of lighttpd / how to recompile it to add the SSL support?

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Re: Lighttpd issues compiling with SSL support

Post by avij » 2019/01/13 19:40:42

I would suggest using lighttpd from EPEL, instead of compiling your own.

Running lighttpd -V will show you the compile options that were used. lighttpd -p -f /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf shows the parsed config file, including any "include"s you probably have. This is assuming your lighttpd config lives at the above path. Adjust accordingly if your config is somewhere else. The exact error messages you get would also be informative.

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