System Crashing

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System Crashing

Post by randomUser11 » 2019/01/14 14:18:31

I have a Centos 7 system which crashes about every 7-10 days. When it crashes, the login page will not load and the machine will not respond to ssh. I have to manually restart it and everything is fine for about 7-10 days and then it crashes again.

I'm somewhat a novice/new centos user. What log files or troubleshooting steps should I perform to try to figure out why the OS is crashing?


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Re: System Crashing

Post by hunter86_bg » 2019/01/15 05:13:30

First start by checking /var/log/messages for a clue.

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Re: System Crashing

Post by tunk » 2019/01/15 11:01:10

You could run memtest86+ overnight to see if you have any memory problems.

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