Apache Problem or Wordpress ?

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Apache Problem or Wordpress ?

Post by yossicochen123 » 2019/02/11 07:38:00


i have 3 website installed on centos 7 with virtual host.

I added another Wordpress website but when I access the sub domain I see the apache test page.

Of course, I have set up on Virtualhost to point to the correct folder.

what is the problem here ?

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Re: Apache Problem or Wordpress ?

Post by pjsr2 » 2019/02/11 10:47:27

The Apache test page is displayed through a kind of trick in the web server. The page is actually returned when no document is found in the document root. So when it is shown for your virtual host, Apache understands that you have added this virtual host, but does not find the document (index.php) in it.
Check the Apache log files for any error message that is logged there.

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