osgi(org.hsqldb.hsqldb) symbol defines is Required for RPM install

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osgi(org.hsqldb.hsqldb) symbol defines is Required for RPM install

Post by warron.french » 2019/03/16 04:56:09

I have been working on the build of a custom, from scratch, RPM, as you can tell from prior posts in the immediate timeframe of the last few days.

I had challenges getting the RPM to build at one time or another, and once I got one to build, I moved the RPM to a clean machine for testing installation of that RPM.

I hit on so many dependencies for the software that I was trying to distribute through this RPM it was crazy; however, I have managed to weed out software that is extraneous to my actual requirement (a specific list of software components).

Anyway, can anyone please tell me, a non-JAVA guy, how to determine what file or files is dependent on the JAVA symbol - osgi(org.hsqldb.hsqldb)?

I have learned in the last week that I can unzip JAR files and then examine the contents of those files if they are not binary encoded; disregarding the fact I can use the commands - strings, nm, elfutil, etc.. I need to figure out how to weed out all of the applications that have a

Requires: osgi(org,hsqldb.hsqldb)

Thank you.

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