Epson FX-2190 raw data printing

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Epson FX-2190 raw data printing

Postby alex275 » 2012/01/26 21:49:39

Can anybody help me to resolve a printing problem with EPSON FX-2190 ? I try to print raw data on it but I got a diagnostic page instead.

I tried to print on two printers: EPSON LX-300+II and EPSON FX-2190

I hooked up them to CentOS 6.0 server through an Ethernet Print-Server where Raw Data Printing is Enabled. ... er~PM1115P

I was able to print when I used Epson PRINTER, 9-pin MODEL, Epson 9-pin Series [en] DRIVERS, on both printers but it printed slow and seems like it is in a graphical mode and it printed every line twice.
Also, banners and page number are printing on bottom of the page.

When I use Generic PRINTER, raw Queue MODEL, Generic Raw Queue [en] DRIVER it works on Epson LX-300+II but does not work on Epson FX-2190 (instead of simple text file some diagnostic page is printing, see screen shots ... epson.html ):

A file I tried to print was as simple as this:


I tried different options and played with different drivers types but could not make it working.
Maybe anybody can suggest anything or advice something what I can do, a direction...

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Epson FX-2190 raw data printing

Postby pschaff » 2012/01/26 22:13:53

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