DHCP on vps

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DHCP on vps

Postby superkiller » 2012/01/16 20:51:09

Hello, i just hit a brick wall, I'm currently trying to host Vps on a dl 380 g5 server, i managed to built the first vps by using OpenVM with solusvm, my problem is that my ISP gave me 5 dedicated static Ip im trying to host around 40 vps on this machine, but i only have 5 ips, i want everyone to have access to their server from outside their network and host their websites etc.

This is the part i don't understand, what type of dhcp do i need?
And can i host 40 vps with just 4 ips like webhosting company do it?

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DHCP on vps

Postby jlehtone » 2012/01/16 22:13:28

I don't think that you can.

DHCP gives a machine an IP address. At best you would use the
DHCP to temporarily grant the 5 public IPs to 5 VPS.

DNS (of ISP) binds names to those IPs. When you write www.centos.org
your browser asks a DNS for an IP number and connects to a server
with that IP.

With HTTP, the query sent by the web server contains the name you wrote,
so the web server with one IP can give you different answer depending
on which name you did use. One HTTP server, one IP, but many aliases
in the DNS for that IP. That is webhosting, I think, and thus doable.

Access to a VM with protocol other than HTTP. That is not trivial
to my knowledge, if at all possible.