No Network on Xen HVM Centos 6.2

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No Network on Xen HVM Centos 6.2

Postby karthickk02 » 2012/02/17 05:55:04

Hey Guys,

I have a Xen HVM vps which has installed with CentOS 6 and host machine dom0 running with Centos 5.7. The Xen HVM vps would get IP address from dhcp.

Here is my issues,

Issue1 : When I try to install CentOS 6 on one of Xen HVM the IP address doesn't get from host machines dhcp server. If I set static IP address when I install OS then network is fine.

Issue2 : If I have install Centos 6 successfully with the static IP address and I have upgrade to CentOS 6.2 now the static IP address too networking(dhcp also not works).

On investigated so far finally found the enternet eth0 doesn't get work while booting.

Can you share your suggestion to resolve this issue? Not only me lot of hosting providers facing this issue I belive.

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No Network on Xen HVM Centos 6.2

Postby pschaff » 2012/02/17 20:07:47

If these are common problems I would expect to find upstream bugs but I don't see any. Can you cite bug reports I missed, or other examples?

Perhaps you need to provide more information about your system by running "./ network" and showing us the output file.