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Post by sombra84 » 2012/02/19 05:43:44


My issue is ongoing, I have run a series of diagnostics to test what is going on .... ./ network returns "No such file or directory" for me ....

I have verified that target can forward replies back to server as such:

tcpdump -n -i eth0 icmp and src host (client ip) #Ran on server
ping (server ip) # ran on client

Result: ICMP echo replies with a source address of the target. = Okay.

So I move to this: Can the server forward the target reply packets back to the client?

tcpdump -n -i ppp0 icmp and src host (client IP) and dst host (client tunnel IP) #ran on server)
ping (server ip) #ran on client

And I get nothing captured.

I believe the issue to be something to with the server not being able to forward the target reply packets back to the client.

Can anyone provide some insight?

(Followed this guide for Troubleshooting: It's fine until Step 6)

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Re: (No subject)

Post by pschaff » 2012/02/19 20:41:49

If the issue is ongoing, please do not start a new thread, particularly not without a decent subject. It just confuses the issue.

It appears you did not read [url=]How to provide information about your system[/url] and create the script.

I presume you are referring to your thread [url=]PPTP Server Not Routing Internet[/url] so any replies should go there. This one is now locked.

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