Centos 6.2 Cannot connect to cacti from LAN

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Centos 6.2 Cannot connect to cacti from LAN

Postby regiemaru » 2012/12/04 02:23:42

Hi! am a newbie in linux.

Please help, i tried to setup cacti and followed all steps. I can access cacti from my localhost but
when I tried to access it on another Centos 6.2 pc on the same subnet via firefox, it says firefox
cannot establish connection to the server. I already edited /usr/share/cacti with following config

Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from

by the way is my subnet.

Please help.

Thank you.

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Centos 6.2 Cannot connect to cacti from LAN

Postby TrevorH » 2012/12/04 09:16:15

As root, run the `iptables-save` command and you will see the built-in firewall rules listed. Almost certainly there is not a rule to allow port 80 access from outside the local machine so you need to add one. You can use the system-config-firewall or system-config-firewall-tui (text mode) apps to help you add one if you are not familiar with the iptables command.

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