Apache 2 test page

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Apache 2 test page

Post by JD44 » 2013/07/02 09:14:47

Hello everyone.Well I didnt know that this place existed until the apache 2 test page popped up.However im not a Linux user and i dont host a website.Im a normal user.I dont have a single idea how this "apache" page came to me.If i can disable or remove it please tell me how to with the most simple words you can use.

Thank you

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Apache 2 test page

Post by gerald_clark » 2013/07/02 12:30:26

Welcome to CentOS.
New members need to read
and the installation and deployment guides at

I don't know an Apache test page can just "pop up", but you can try:
service httpd stop
chkconfig httpd off

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Re: Apache 2 test page

Post by YBellefeuille » 2013/07/31 02:44:05

Please see Why is the CentOS Project taking over my Website?

Perhaps the link on the Apache 2 test page should be modified to link directly to that question.

For entertainment, see this story, if you don't know it already.

Edit: I now see I'm only a month late. :-) Still, I'll leave the post as a reminder of what new users mean when they refer to the Apache 2 test page.

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