centos-5.0 , install kde from CDs

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centos-5.0 , install kde from CDs

Postby Varun » 2007/04/15 09:29:14


I just downloaded all six CDs Centos 5.0.

I installed default , this is just Gnome.

I want to install KDE from the CDs. But I am not able to do so?

It is looking for the internet and wamting to download from the

How to install additional packages using the CDs ???

This add / remove packages does not seemd to work.

It was OK with Centos 4.4 .



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centos-5.0 , install kde from CDs

Postby Lenard » 2007/04/15 11:32:33

Start the installation process again and choose to install additional packages.

You can also just do something like; yum install kdebase kdeartwork-icons kdeadmin

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