14:01:55 <gwd-laptop> #startmeeting Virt SIG
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14:02:03 * sbonazzo here
14:02:09 <gwd-laptop> #chair gwd-laptop
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14:02:12 <gwd-laptop> #chair sbonazzo
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14:02:14 <gwd-laptop> #chair lsm5
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14:02:20 * lsm5 here
14:02:34 <gwd-laptop> kbsingh: Are you around?
14:02:54 <gwd-laptop> Well we'll see if he shows up.
14:03:00 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: he sent an email about not being able to join
14:03:17 <gwd-laptop> sbonazzo: Ah, right.  I'm officially not working today so I didn't check that. :-)
14:03:52 <gwd-laptop> #topic Xen updates
14:04:04 <gwd-laptop> This will be short because I've been on holiday and then catching up with patch review
14:04:22 <gwd-laptop> The big update is just that I did builds for XSA-123 that should have been released today.
14:04:54 <gwd-laptop> Hopefully later this week I can start looking at building the C6-xen kernel for C7, and then building the C6 xen packages for C7.
14:05:40 <gwd-laptop> Speaking of which -- lsm5, do you remember if we came to a conclusion about having separate Docker and xen repos, so that the Xen dom0 kernel wouldn't clobber the C7 base kernel?
14:06:03 <lsm5> gwd-laptop: not AFAIR
14:07:31 <gwd-laptop> OK, I'll take a look and see if we got a conclusion.  On the whole it would be nice if people running Docker didn't automatically upgrade kernels. :-)
14:08:02 <gwd-laptop> #action gwd-laptop See if there was a conclusion to the docker / xen dom0 kernel discussion (i.e., separate repos or no)
14:08:31 <lsm5> gwd-laptop: let me know if you'd like me to test something out re: ^
14:08:32 <gwd-laptop> #topic Docker update
14:08:47 <gwd-laptop> lsm5: Thanks
14:09:17 <lsm5> life as usual, 1.5.0 available, also latest master branch being built as docker-master package (current stopped as we're working on getting in some redhat patches)
14:09:22 <lsm5> currently*
14:09:39 <lsm5> also ..
14:09:55 <lsm5> the atomic tool which is a wrapper around docker is available as well
14:10:09 <lsm5> that's about it, any kube updates nshaikh ?
14:10:20 <lsm5> or is that a different sig?
14:10:34 <nshaikh> None from my side.
14:10:53 <nshaikh> I am facing some issues with etcd 2.0 version. I need to debug more about a fix.
14:12:16 <gwd-laptop> lsm5: 1.5.0 is available in virt7-testing, you mean?  Have we made any progress towards having an official public repo?
14:13:18 <lsm5> gwd-laptop: yes available in virt7-testing, i updated the docs and let kbsingh know about it ... the package signing stuff and official repos would be handled by him afaik
14:13:36 <lsm5> don't know latest status though sorry
14:13:40 <gwd-laptop> lsm5: OK, good to know.
14:14:01 <lsm5> also posted on the mailing list about it too
14:14:43 <gwd-laptop> OK, cool -- so it's sort of in beta. :-)  Is there a timeline for getting a production repo available?
14:15:53 <lsm5> gwd-laptop: no idea, probably a question for kbsingh I guess
14:16:35 <gwd-laptop> #info Docker 1.5.0 in virt7-testing.  Public call for testing made, no timeline for official publication yet.
14:16:55 <gwd-laptop> Anything else on that?
14:17:46 <gwd-laptop> #topic oVirt update
14:17:58 <sbonazzo> #info oVirt 3.5.2 RC1 has been released upstream, 3.5.2 GA scheduled for first week of April
14:18:11 <sbonazzo> #info since CentOS 7.1 will be out sooner, we'll provide early testing and feedback to CentOS
14:18:30 <sbonazzo> #info how to test page has been created updating the exisiting legacy how-to
14:18:38 <sbonazzo> #link http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/oVirt
14:18:48 <sbonazzo> #info and linked in main SIG page on Projects - oVirt
14:19:02 <sbonazzo> #link http://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/Virtualization
14:19:12 <sbonazzo> #info slowly progressing with dependencies building due to limited human / time resources
14:19:21 <sbonazzo> #link http://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/Virtualization/Roadmap
14:19:29 <sbonazzo> #info reached an agreement on qemu-kvm-rhev re-branding, it will be qemu-kvm-ev.
14:19:35 <sbonazzo> #info the new package has CentOS 7.1 dependencies so it has to wait.
14:19:39 <gwd-laptop> It looked like there was a really large number of things that needed to be updated for oVirt...
14:19:55 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: it's a big project :-)
14:20:11 <gwd-laptop> branding> Ah, good.
14:21:04 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: I'm working with apevec from cloud sig and with gluster sig for getting it in
14:21:50 <gwd-laptop> So at the moment are you actually uploading new RPMS to the virt7-testing label on koji?
14:22:09 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: yep
14:22:50 <gwd-laptop> OK -- so anyone who wants to install Docker from there gets a load of RPMS updated because of oVirt?
14:22:57 <gwd-laptop> (At the moment?)
14:23:27 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: as far as I know, they're all packages not available in centos (maybe except qemu-kvm when it will be available)
14:23:53 <gwd-laptop> Oh, right -- didn't realize that.
14:24:23 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: most of them are coming from epel or fedora
14:25:11 <gwd-laptop> Sure.  Still, at some point it would be nicer to have a separate tag, so that we wouldn't have to worry about anything being clobbered.
14:26:03 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: I'm fine with creating a ovirt-testing tag if it will help other projects in the SIG
14:26:57 <gwd-laptop> sbonazzo: Well we're already going to be working on a separate xen and docker tag, so that Xen's dom0 doesn't clobber Dockers' C7 core kernel. This is just the same idea.
14:27:37 <gwd-laptop> OK, anything else on the oVirt update sbonazzo?
14:27:43 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: ok. so for creating the new tag I guess we need kbsingh right?
14:27:56 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: anything else on my side
14:28:34 <gwd-laptop> #topic AOB
14:28:38 <gwd-laptop> Anything else anyone need to bring up?
14:29:19 <gwd-laptop> #info George checked the e-mail discussion and it had been concluded that we'd have separate tags for different project within the SIG
14:29:31 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: there's a scheduled hangout about CBS workflow on march 16
14:29:47 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: input from sig is welcome, I think we should join
14:30:22 <gwd-laptop> sbonazzo: Sounds good.  Is that at 2pm GMT?
14:30:37 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: yes
14:30:58 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: hopefully getting the right time with DST changes
14:31:06 <gwd-laptop> :-)
14:32:35 <gwd-laptop> OK -- well if nobody has any other business, shall we call the meeting closed?
14:33:10 <sbonazzo> gwd-laptop: ok
14:33:30 <gwd-laptop> #endmeeting