15:00:30 <kushal> #startmeeting CentOS Cloud SIG
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15:00:36 <kushal> Who all are here?
15:00:42 <rbowen> Yo
15:00:48 <number80> o/
15:01:02 <rbowen> dneary said he'd drop by a little late to discuss nfv things.
15:01:10 <number80> great
15:01:23 <kushal> rbowen, Cool :)
15:01:55 <kushal> #link  https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/centos-cloud-sig
15:02:04 <kushal> Meeting agenda can be found at ^^^
15:03:29 <number80> ack
15:03:46 <kushal> First point: * OpenStack packaging
15:03:53 <kushal> number80, stage is yours :)
15:04:00 <kbsingh> I am here too
15:04:01 <kushal> deryni-work, welcome :)
15:04:13 <kushal> #chair kbsingh deryni-work number80 rbowen
15:04:13 <centbot> Current chairs: deryni-work kbsingh kushal number80 rbowen
15:04:14 <number80> We shipped this week in release, first liberty patch release
15:04:38 <kushal> #info First liberty patch release is shipped.
15:05:02 <number80> rbowen already announced our doc hackfest and testing days for the next openstack release
15:05:17 <rbowen> Jan 20, and Jan 28, respectively.
15:05:48 <kushal> #info OpenStack doc hackfest in on January 20th, and the testing day is on January 28th
15:05:57 <number80> rbowen: just noticed it was not Cc'ed on centos-devel list
15:06:09 <rbowen> Oh, crap. I'll do that promptly.
15:06:20 <number80> np
15:06:46 <kushal> number80, Do you have any blockers?
15:06:50 <kbsingh> so, number80 one thing we still need to close on is announcing the updates
15:06:57 <kbsingh> I've made some headway
15:07:02 <number80> kushal: nope on this front
15:07:07 <kushal> number80, Good :)
15:07:17 <kbsingh> but one thing that I need to know is who and where should we be posting these - I will push to centos-announce, should i also be sending to the rdo list ?
15:07:31 <kbsingh> at this point, this is one email per tag per day
15:07:31 <rbowen> Yes, please.
15:07:39 <number80> kbsingh: yes, should I send you a changes digest?
15:07:49 <kbsingh> but it can be split up to be one email per package ( might be too verbose.. )
15:07:57 <number80> #info OpenStack operational tools import in progress
15:08:00 <kbsingh> number80: at the moment, i am working to extract from changelog
15:08:05 <number80> kbsingh: ok
15:08:52 <number80> I'm also working on importing Operational tools in CBS, a contribution from Graeme Gillies
15:09:08 <kbsingh> cool
15:09:12 <number80> it includes the ELK stack, grafana and many stuff
15:09:15 <dneary> I'm here - sorry I'm late
15:09:23 <kushal> dneary, welcome :)
15:09:27 <kushal> #chair dneary
15:09:27 <centbot> Current chairs: deryni-work dneary kbsingh kushal number80 rbowen
15:09:30 <dneary> Thanks kushal!
15:09:44 <kushal> dneary, we are discussing RDO packaging.
15:09:59 <number80> we'd like to encourage a new SIG around operational tools and at some point, transition packages ownership to the new SIG
15:10:00 <kushal> dneary, agenda is in https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/centos-cloud-sig
15:10:01 * dneary scrolls up
15:10:17 <number80> but until then, it'll be under the Cloud SIG umbrella
15:11:18 <number80> currently, only grafana deps (nodejs libs mostly) and ElasticSearch are requiring some efforts, the rest is already built
15:11:22 <kushal> number80, Okay, but for that we have to get more people to maintain those.
15:11:49 <number80> kushal: well, meeting some people at devconf.cz that may be interested in helping
15:11:58 <kushal> number80, Nice.
15:12:25 <kbsingh> so
15:12:51 <kbsingh> does this tie in at all with the BitScout effort ?
15:13:12 <number80> BitScout?
15:13:50 <csim> number80: https://github.com/BitScoutOrg
15:13:52 <number80> probably not, since I haven't heard of that but if we could collaborate, all the better
15:14:12 <number80> could be
15:14:24 <kbsingh> they re doing some of these bits as well, and are looking at doing this in CentOS space
15:14:42 <kbsingh> elastic and grafana both figure on their list
15:14:44 <number80> ok, then I must have spoken to their manager
15:15:02 <kbsingh> might be worth pinging them and look at potential overlap / for both effort and ownership
15:15:19 <number80> kbsingh: will send you an email, but Rich M is in the loop already
15:15:58 <number80> globally, we were speaking about how to collaborate around the packaging within CentOS for the ELK and alike stack
15:16:32 <kbsingh> sounds good
15:16:40 <kbsingh> we might be able to get involved from the centos infra as well
15:17:09 <number80> yup, before the holidays, I was planning to ping you about it
15:18:02 <kushal> number80, Feel free to add any action or info items.
15:18:33 <number80> #action hguemar coordinate w/ KB about optools discussion at devconf.cz
15:18:42 <number80> EOF then for openstack
15:19:06 <kushal> Next
15:19:07 <kushal> * OpenNebula update
15:19:13 <kushal> jmelis, you there?
15:19:23 <jmelis> yes
15:19:35 <kushal> jmelis, hi :)
15:19:37 <rbowen> #chair jmelis
15:19:37 <centbot> Current chairs: deryni-work dneary jmelis kbsingh kushal number80 rbowen
15:19:44 <kushal> rbowen, you are fast :)
15:19:44 <jmelis> sorry, we have no updates, jfontan is not available today and I think he didn't make any progress last month
15:20:02 <kushal> jmelis, Okay, is there something we can do to help?
15:20:07 <kushal> * help you
15:20:34 <jmelis> no tsure to be honest
15:20:42 <jmelis> let me talk to jfontan and I'll get back to you
15:21:10 <kushal> jmelis, Thanks :)
15:21:29 <kushal> #action jmelis will get back to the SIG about any help required.
15:21:38 <kushal> jmelis, I hope ^^ this is okay?
15:22:33 <kbsingh> one of the things that i'm looking at - from the instance sig side - is to work on context / metadata / init code for opennebula and cloudstack
15:23:10 <kbsingh> i.e get them to build their contexutalisation code, not the cloud controller / hv / storage stuff - and start churning images specific to that workload
15:23:31 <kbsingh> hope being to bootstrap, using a low barrier, their community intraction
15:23:45 <kbsingh> jmelis has promised to get jfontan to do the work for opennebula :)
15:23:55 <jmelis> haha
15:24:04 <jmelis> I promised I'd try!
15:24:09 <kbsingh> and I'm trying to tie down one specific person to do this for cloud stack as well. but there is general agreement that this is a low barrier
15:24:58 <dmsimard> \o/ the new images are out
15:25:01 <dmsimard> Thanks kbsingh !
15:25:10 <kbsingh> dmsimard: do they work ??
15:25:12 <dmsimard> (and everyone else involved ofc)
15:25:18 <dmsimard> OH, I don't know yet haha :)
15:25:25 <dmsimard> testing one now
15:25:30 <kbsingh> :)
15:26:19 <dmsimard> hmm, can you enlighten me with the difference between qcow2 and qcow2c ?
15:26:46 <dmsimard> (I don't see a "pure" qcow2 image for this release)
15:26:51 <kushal> I guess we are moving to different topics.
15:27:01 <dmsimard> OH, I'm in the middle of a meeting, sorry.
15:27:07 <kbsingh> qcow2 is qcow2, the qcow2c is created with --compress, so dont use it, its slower
15:27:17 <kushal> dmsimard, No problem, we can discuss these after some time :)
15:27:33 <dmsimard> kushal: thanks for pointing it out.
15:27:36 <kushal> Next is NFV update from dneary
15:27:54 <dneary> No progress since last meeting, I'm afraid - Christmas break
15:28:14 <dneary> I have an action to start a discussion with NFV SIG participants about merging with the Cloud SIG
15:28:50 <dneary> And I was just talking to kbsingh earlier about the need to have a getting started document for (1) consuming SIG created packages and (2) creating packages in a SIG
15:29:21 <kushal> dneary, Feel free to add action items to yourself here, that way others will learn about them easily while reading logs.
15:29:50 <dneary> kushal, How do I action item myself? Are we using meetbot?
15:30:13 <kushal> dneary, Yes.
15:30:14 <dneary> #action dneary to start a discussion on centos-devel about merging the NFV SIG with the Cloud SIG
15:30:23 <kushal> dneary, Thank you :)
15:30:45 <dneary> hashtag you're welcome
15:30:53 <dneary> :-)
15:31:48 <kushal> dneary, Is that all of the update?
15:31:55 <kushal> Anyone has any question for dneary ?
15:31:55 <dneary> Yup
15:32:07 <dneary> Like I said at the start, no progress because of the Christmas break
15:32:21 <kushal> dneary, :)
15:32:34 <kushal> Last point in the agenda
15:32:36 <kushal> * CentOS Dojo @ FOSDEM, with RDO track - https://www.rdoproject.org/events/rdo-day-fosdem-2016/
15:32:49 <kushal> kbsingh, rbowen number80 all yours
15:32:52 <rbowen> Pretty much the bullet point says everything.
15:32:57 <rbowen> That's the schedule of talks.
15:32:57 <kbsingh> yeah
15:33:00 <number80> yup
15:33:04 <rbowen> We have "sold" all seats to the event.
15:33:09 <kbsingh> one thing we need to decide on is the food menu for lunch :)
15:33:12 <rbowen> We look forward to seeing all of you there.
15:33:16 <kushal> Someone please take some photos, so that we can add those in the blog posts.
15:33:24 <dneary> Can I also put in a promo for the SDN/NFV DevRoom at the conference, and the Cloud/Virt DevRoom?
15:33:30 <number80> sure
15:33:34 <dneary> #link https://fosdem.org/2016/schedule/track/sdn_and_nfv/
15:33:35 <rbowen> I will take photos. I will also take video and audio, which will all be posted.
15:33:41 <avij> yes you are
15:33:48 <rbowen> Eliska is bringing a video camera, as am I.
15:34:06 <dneary> #link https://fosdem.org/2016/schedule/track/virtualisation_and_iaas/
15:34:20 <dneary> The schedule for the SDN/NFV DevRoom is pretty awesome, I think
15:34:55 <dneary> And there's a lot of overlap with the Cloud SIG in the Virt & IaaS DevRoom
15:35:13 <kushal> rbowen, yay :)
15:36:33 <number80> sure, full of prospective contributors there too :)
15:36:44 <kushal> We can move to Open Floor then :)
15:37:01 <kushal> kbsingh, can we get the meetbot to change the channel topic also with the #topic command?
15:37:11 <kbsingh> kushal: dunno
15:37:24 <kbsingh> I have no idea what meetbot is
15:37:45 <kushal> kbsingh, the centbot, who manages it?
15:38:14 <bstinson> iirc that would require centbot to have ops
15:39:02 <kushal> bstinson, if that is not a problem :)
15:39:37 <kushal> We can close the meeting now.
15:39:39 <kushal> Okay?
15:39:46 <kbsingh> +1
15:39:54 <rbowen> Thanks, folks.
15:40:02 <kushal> 5
15:40:03 <kushal> 4
15:40:04 <kushal> 3
15:40:05 <kushal> 2
15:40:06 <kushal> 1
15:40:10 <kushal> #endmeeting