15:00:22 <rbowen> #startmeeting
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15:00:32 <rbowen> #topic Cloud SIG
15:00:41 <trown> o/
15:00:46 <rbowen> #chair trown
15:00:46 <centbot> Current chairs: rbowen trown
15:00:57 <rbowen> Anybody else here for the Cloud SIG Meeting?
15:01:01 <kbsingh> o/
15:01:06 <rbowen> #chair kbsingh
15:01:06 <centbot> Current chairs: kbsingh rbowen trown
15:01:23 <rbowen> kdas_ was unable to attend today and asked me to sit in.
15:01:31 <rbowen> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/centos-cloud-sig
15:01:50 <rbowen> Usual agenda, although I'm not sure if 'optools import' is part of the agenda, or something leftover from some other time?
15:02:24 <rbowen> Anyone know?
15:02:35 <trown> not sure
15:02:40 <kbsingh> number80: is the man
15:02:42 <rbowen> ok :-)
15:02:49 <number80> o/
15:02:51 <rbowen> number80: You here?
15:02:52 <rbowen> ok
15:02:56 <rbowen> #chair kushal number80
15:02:56 <centbot> Current chairs: kbsingh kushal number80 rbowen trown
15:03:07 <rbowen> ok, let's do it.
15:03:09 <number80> yes, I'm in another meeting so I can't chair but I'm around
15:03:14 <rbowen> #topic OpenStack Packaging
15:03:48 <number80> not much news on that side
15:04:05 <rbowen> We have Mitaka 2 this week.
15:04:28 <rbowen> Presumably we'll see some activity in the coming days around that.
15:05:52 <number80> yes, I guess we'll rely on delorean builds for M2 and fork for M3
15:06:10 <number80> delorean builds which are healthy right now
15:06:39 <trown> ya... repo promotion for delorean not so much, but I am working on getting bugs filed for tripleo to get it working
15:07:48 <rbowen> ok. shall we move on, then?
15:08:10 <trown> yep
15:08:37 <rbowen> Ok, anybody here from OpenNebula today?
15:09:25 <rbowen> ok, and it looks like dneary isn't here for NFV today either. :(
15:09:38 <rbowen> I guess it's a short one today.
15:10:09 <kbsingh> bstinson: is digging up some stats on the rdo download stuff
15:10:18 <rbowen> excellent!
15:10:19 <kbsingh> so we should wait on that and see if we can thrash out a plan for trown
15:10:30 <rbowen> Yeah, I've noticed a sharp drop in download numbers over the last couple of months
15:10:39 <trown> kbsingh: cool
15:10:42 <rbowen> which I've attributed to downloads moving away from fedorapeople
15:11:31 <rbowen> (as that's the only place I'm tracking at the moment)
15:12:02 <rbowen> Just 2 weeks until the CentOS dojo at FOSDEM.
15:12:27 <rbowen> * Upcoming events:
15:12:27 <rbowen> * Mitaka milestone 2 release - http://docs.openstack.org/releases/schedules/mitaka.html
15:12:27 <rbowen> * CentOS Dojo @ FOSDEM, with RDO track - https://www.rdoproject.org/events/rdo-day-fosdem-2016/
15:12:27 <rbowen> * RDO test day - https://www.rdoproject.org/testday/mitaka/milestone2/
15:12:27 <rbowen> * RDO Doc day - https://www.rdoproject.org/events/docdays/
15:13:06 <rbowen> That's all that we have on the agenda for this week. I wonder if maybe we need to reconsider the time. We seem to have a lot of conflicts. I suppose that'll be true with any time, though.
15:13:16 <rbowen> #topic Open Floor
15:13:51 <rbowen> Going ...
15:13:53 <rbowen> Anybody?
15:13:58 <kbsingh> hang on...
15:14:01 <kbsingh> bstinson: ?
15:14:03 <rbowen> oh, ok
15:14:20 <bstinson> http://pastebin.centos.org/38141/ these are some very rough numbers on 1 image
15:14:46 <rbowen> I didn't realize you meant you had those numbers now. Excellent.
15:14:52 <trown> awesome
15:15:00 <trown> what is the timescale?
15:15:03 <kbsingh> are these ever downloaded inside the ci infra ?
15:15:10 <trown> kbsingh: ya... mostly
15:15:11 <rbowen> Oh, these are image downloads. This is over what period?
15:15:13 <kbsingh> ack, total V/s ci internally
15:15:19 <bstinson> the top is the total traffic, second is external to CI
15:15:24 <kbsingh> this is from DEc 13th to today
15:15:25 <bstinson> since December 13th
15:15:29 <rbowen> ok
15:15:56 <rbowen> Is this something that we can automate and get weekly/monthly/something?
15:15:58 <trown> wow... 446 external downloads
15:16:11 <trown> that cant be all me :p
15:16:54 <kbsingh> rbowen: if we move away from using the ci. infra then no, if we keep it where it is, then we migh
15:17:03 <bstinson> caveat: these are very rough numbers
15:17:21 <kbsingh> does the rdo project have a place we can push this to ?
15:17:28 <kbsingh> that way, you can just watch the log files
15:17:45 <rbowen> I track a variety of stats at http://tm3.org/stats but it's a very manual process.
15:17:49 <kbsingh> this is all developer content right ? its not linked or made available automagically anywhere
15:18:08 <rbowen> The downloads stats I get from httpd log files from fedorapeople, looking for "rdo-release"
15:18:28 <rbowen> Where "download" is a bit of a fuzzy concept when it comes to OpenStack.
15:19:10 <trown> kbsingh: define developer content? The idea is for the undercloud.qcow2 to be an easily consumable quickstart for RDO Manager
15:19:59 <trown> kbsingh: so I think it is both eventually... right now they are mostly/only consumed by CI
15:20:30 <kbsingh> trown: ok
15:20:58 <Evolution> alphacc: ping -> hardware
15:21:00 <kbsingh> trown: that content is about 30GB at the moment.
15:21:09 <kbsingh> trown: its going to take a while to sync out daily
15:21:37 <kbsingh> trown: and from the looks of things, its not downloaded enough to be more than 30GB a day
15:21:42 <bstinson> here are a few more lines: http://pastebin.centos.org/38146/
15:21:44 <kbsingh> ( delivered out that is )
15:21:55 <trown> kbsingh: we would only want the */stable/ directories... and probably onlyt the */stable/undercloud.qcow2*
15:22:39 <trown> the other images are intermediary images which could be used to integrate, but are not really meant for direct consumption
15:22:47 <trown> the undercloud.qcow2 is the final product
15:23:42 <kbsingh> ok
15:23:53 <trown> so if we only did the stable undercloud.qcow2s it would be more like 5G, and 10G if we add CBS based alongside the delorean based
15:24:19 <kbsingh> and this only consumes rpms and content built in cbs.centos.org ?
15:24:46 <kbsingh> is there a big picture drawning of content movement somwhere we can look at ?
15:25:01 <trown> the images there now consume delorean built content, but I intend to make them for CBS content
15:25:10 <kbsingh> because when you say 'final product' we certainly dont want the wider userbase grabbing from ci.centos.org
15:26:09 <trown> not sure I understand the question on content movement...
15:27:14 <trown> I start with a centos cloud image, add delorean repos and install all of the packages, then build the rdo-manager images from that, and inject those images into the undercloud image
15:27:28 <kbsingh> yeah
15:27:40 <kbsingh> where do the delorian rpms come from
15:28:06 <trown> http://trunk.rdoproject.org/centos7-liberty/
15:30:38 <rbowen> So, I'm unclear what's being asked. Is there an action here, or are we good?
15:30:55 <kbsingh> trown: whre are those rpms built ?
15:31:06 <kbsingh> wasent there a delorian task running on ci.centos.org already
15:31:46 <kbsingh> rbowen: trown: so here is the concern : we want to make sure that the infra, delivery and user story all lines up and were all on the same page
15:31:49 <trown> kbsingh: that is probably just the delorean-ci... the delorean server is hosted on OS1 I think?
15:32:06 <trown> delorean is a build server
15:32:11 <kbsingh> trown: ok yea, that might be it
15:32:23 <rbowen> As far as RDO goes, that's kind of far from the case right now. We are scattered to the 4 winds. We are aware that this is something we need to address, or at least document better.
15:32:47 <kbsingh> rbowen: trying to help by making sure things we do now, scale up and fit into the bigger picture down the road
15:33:20 <rbowen> Yes.
15:33:42 <kbsingh> ok, leave this with me. I'll talk with Arrfab and bstinson and we will propose something
15:33:54 <kbsingh> before we go though, i still dont understand the user impact completely
15:34:04 <trown> kbsingh: thanks
15:34:10 <kbsingh> 1) the artifacts ( or some ) are needed for the quickstart, and documented in the TrippleO guides
15:34:23 <trown> kbsingh: right now the user impact for RDO in general is 0
15:34:28 <kbsingh> 2) the content needs to be manageable ( in that, a process to get it out of the RH infra, since its got issues )
15:34:43 <kbsingh> 3) we need to have a way to archieve ( but we might do this on ci artifacts, rather than CDN )
15:35:14 <kbsingh> 4) we need the content available, in a unified url path, and own the complexity on the provider side, so as to keep things simple from the user side ( and consistent  )
15:36:04 <kbsingh> and were looking at about 10 - 15 gb churn
15:36:20 <kbsingh> is it safe to assume its one cycle per day ? I guess there will be ( could be ? ) many builds in ci per day
15:36:46 <trown> kbsingh: ya I think one per day... maybe even less would be fine
15:37:11 <kbsingh> ok cool
15:37:12 <trown> anyone needing something faster can just download them from ci artifacts
15:37:25 <kbsingh> true
15:37:26 <kbsingh> also
15:37:26 <trown> kbsingh: I think 4 is not a req from my end
15:37:34 <kbsingh> do you test these images post creation (just asking.. )
15:38:00 <trown> kbsingh: ya, the stable images have been used to install openstack and run tempest
15:38:27 <kbsingh> trown: doing (4) just makes life easier for us, its a bit of an overhead, but then we can automate for it. eg. maybe we just push content out to cdn and setup a 302 http redirect for those files in the artifacts machine. That way you only need to promote the artifacs url, people get their content from wherever
15:38:28 <trown> kbsingh: that is actually how/why they are created for testing a delorean repo
15:38:51 <kbsingh> so maybe we can have a step in the %post of that test run that requests 'make this image live!'
15:38:54 <trown> kbsingh: cool, works for me
15:38:54 <kbsingh> or something like that
15:39:40 <trown> kbsingh: that is how it works now, it moves them to stable... https://ci.centos.org/job/trown-rdo-delorean-promote-liberty-clone/
15:39:49 <kbsingh> ok, let us go away and figure this out
15:40:12 <trown> kbsingh: that is an example of the flow... so images are built in one step of the multijob, tested in the next, then moved from testing to stable, then the delorean repo is updated
15:40:41 <trown> so the testing to stable step could just put the images in the official location
15:41:35 <kbsingh> ack
15:41:51 <kbsingh> ( that way we can JiT it, rather than cron's )
15:42:05 <kbsingh> ok, i think we've covered the scope fairly well
15:42:15 <kbsingh> lets plan on a solution for the next cloud SIG meeting
15:42:26 <kbsingh> bstinson: ^ possible on the timeline ?
15:42:27 <trown> kbsingh: thanks a ton for looking at this
15:42:58 <kbsingh> trown: no worries, always happy to help
15:43:57 <rbowen> Any other topics?
15:44:15 <kbsingh> not from me
15:44:16 <bstinson> kbsingh: we can at least have things ready from the CI side for next meeting
15:44:23 <kbsingh> bstinson: cool
15:45:02 <rbowen> bstinson, kbsingh: Can you add an item to https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/centos-cloud-sig accordingly please?
15:46:31 <rbowen> #action bstinson, kbsingh - CentOS team to propose a way to make some openstack artifacts, after testing, be avaialble on a CDN for better end user download / developer testing experience
15:46:31 <kbsingh> rbowen: done
15:46:43 <rbowen> Thank you all for your time. See you next week.
15:46:44 <rbowen> :)
15:46:45 <kbsingh> that what i said!
15:46:55 <kbsingh> ta
15:46:56 <rbowen> #endmeeting