15:00:26 <kushal> #startmeeting CentOS Cloud SIG
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15:00:37 <kushal> #chair rbowen number80
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15:00:42 <kushal> Roll call?
15:00:50 <kushal> apevec, jmelis
15:01:11 <rbowen> o/
15:02:16 <kushal> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/centos-cloud-sig
15:02:23 <kushal> Agenda items ^^^
15:02:27 <kushal> which is basically one.
15:02:38 <kushal> kbsingh, bstinson anyone ^^
15:02:42 <kbsingh> I'm here
15:02:45 <kushal> rbowen, btw, stage is yours :)
15:03:15 <rbowen> Ok, well, let's get started then.
15:03:28 <rbowen> kbsingh, bstinson, I wonder if you've had a chance to look at your action item:
15:03:33 <rbowen> CentOS team to propose a way to make some openstack artifacts, after testing, be avaialble on a CDN for better end user download / developer testing experience
15:04:57 <kbsingh> rbowen: we have had a few chats around it
15:05:17 <kbsingh> should have a prop to the ci-usrs list by fri
15:06:45 <rbowen> ok
15:07:09 <rbowen> #topic OpenStack packaging update
15:07:31 <rbowen> number80: How are the Mitaka2 packages coming. Do we have something that we will be able to test next week for test day?
15:07:57 <kushal> number80, also is there any way for new packagers to help in that effort?
15:08:36 <kushal> Is he here?
15:08:54 <rbowen> I guess not. Looks like we don't have much turnout today. :/
15:09:14 <kushal> Is everything ready for the events in the coming weeks?
15:09:38 <rbowen> Yeah, we are ready for our event in Brussels at the CentOS Dojo
15:09:50 <rbowen> kbsingh tells me that we have 56 signed up for the RDO track, so that's encouraging.
15:10:09 <bstinson> sorry to jump back on topics, but the thread on the CI artifacts was pointing back at this meeting to see if there's a target within RDO where we could push those images to
15:10:13 <rbowen> And Eliska has made up some tshirts for the event.
15:10:18 <rbowen> Oh, hi, bstinson. :-)
15:11:18 <rbowen> kushal: Do you have an answer to that, or do we need to defer to number80 on that.
15:11:31 <rbowen> bstinson: Can you point me to a thread title/URL/whatever that I can ping the rdo list with? Thanks.
15:11:46 <kushal> rbowen, I don't, only apevec or number80 can answer I think
15:11:54 <dneary> Hi all
15:12:00 <dneary> Sorry I'm late
15:12:14 <rbowen> #chair bstinson dneary kushal kbsingh
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15:12:18 <bstinson> rbowen: here's the top of that thread: https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/ci-users/2016-January/000097.html
15:12:32 <kushal> #chair dneary
15:12:32 <centbot> Current chairs: bstinson dneary kbsingh kushal number80 rbowen
15:12:43 <rbowen> Thanks. I'll bring that to number80 and apevec's attention.
15:14:01 <rbowen> ok, dneary, do you have an update on the NFV world?
15:14:04 <rbowen> #topic NFV
15:15:10 <dneary> rbowen: Not much to report since 2 weeks ago
15:15:42 <dneary> rbowen: I have been rustling up support for a CentOS packaging effort, but nothing concrete to report
15:17:31 <rbowen> ok.
15:17:38 <rbowen> Is anyone here from OpenNebula this week?
15:17:45 <rbowen> #topic OpenNebula
15:18:33 <kushal> rbowen i guess nope.
15:18:34 <rbowen> ok then.
15:19:06 <rbowen> Looks like another slow week. I'll raise the question on the mailing list as to whether a different time is preferable. We seem to have conflicts most weeks.
15:19:15 <rbowen> Meanwhile, the next two weeks, I'll be traveling and won't make it to the meeting.
15:19:35 <kushal> rbowen, I guess all of you are travelling
15:20:11 <rbowen> #endmeeting