15:00:52 <rbowen> #startmeeting
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15:01:13 <rbowen> #chair number80 kushal
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15:01:16 <kushal> Hello
15:01:19 <rbowen> Thank you all for attending.
15:01:27 <rbowen> We have really just one agenda item today
15:01:33 <rbowen> This is the Cloud SIG meeting, by the way.
15:01:47 <rbowen> We have two folks who are hopefully here who will introduce themselves and tell us what they're working on.
15:02:48 <rbowen> Manjunath Kumatagi and Murilo Opsfelder Ara├║jo
15:02:53 <rbowen> Are either of you actually here?
15:03:04 <vmlinuz> Hi, I'm Murilo.  I work at IBM and will be collaborating on enabling POWER on CCS scripts.
15:03:13 <rbowen> Awesome. I'm so glad you're here.
15:03:17 <rbowen> #chair vmlinuz
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15:03:19 <vmlinuz> Manjunath is unable to attend today.
15:03:39 <number80> ack
15:04:20 <rbowen> vmlinuz: Can you tell us more? Is there anything you need from us to make your work easier?
15:05:59 <vmlinuz> well, we'd like to get some feedback on https://github.com/CentOS/sig-cloud-instance-build/pull/65
15:06:28 <vmlinuz> I read here before the meeting started that this would relate to another SIG?
15:06:43 <Arrfab> vmlinuz: afaik, cloud sig != sig-cloud-instance (different things)
15:06:49 <vmlinuz> I just want to make we're not bothering wrong people  :)
15:07:53 <vmlinuz> these sig*cloud* names are too similar, who would be the right SIG people to poke?
15:08:26 <lpancescu> Arrfab, you're right, they are different SIGs
15:08:31 <Arrfab> vmlinuz: core SIG, so kbsingh
15:09:25 <Arrfab> vmlinuz: all SIGs are listed on the wiki : and so that one is here : https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/CloudInstance
15:09:44 <Arrfab> vmlinuz: vs https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/Cloud (which has itz meeting right now) :-)
15:09:54 <Arrfab> s/itz/its/
15:10:10 <trown> o/
15:10:12 <rbowen> Sorry, I'm double-meeting-ing at the moment, so I'm a little distracted. number80, did you have any more feedback on that?
15:10:19 <rbowen> #chair trown
15:10:19 <centbot> Current chairs: kushal number80 rbowen trown vmlinuz
15:10:39 <vmlinuz> Arrfab: got you.  Thanks for the explanation
15:10:49 <vmlinuz> at least I made new friends  :)
15:11:04 <kushal> vmlinuz, welcome :)
15:12:06 <rbowen> I think that's all we really have on the agenda, unless someone has something else.
15:12:24 <vmlinuz> just one minor question
15:12:28 <kushal> vmlinuz, ask
15:12:40 <rbowen> For those interested, I encourage you to put the RDO Community meeting (on #rdo) on your schedule too. 15:00 UTC Wednesdays. We discuss a lot of the OpenStack side of things there each week.
15:12:51 <vmlinuz> I don't see CloudInstance listed on https://www.centos.org/community/calendar/ - Do they run this kind of meeting?
15:13:00 <Arrfab> rbowen: just a reminder about CBS migration (so downtime) on October 10th, but I just got confirmation that the rack with the CBS builders will have priority #1
15:13:13 <rbowen> Ah, yeah, that's important
15:13:22 <rbowen> #info  CBS migration (so downtime) on October 10th
15:14:28 <vmlinuz> kushal: thank you!
15:14:53 <rbowen> I don't know if they do. I've not seen one.
15:14:55 <kushal> vmlinuz,  I am not sure about any meeting, kbsingh can you please confirm?
15:15:05 <weshay_pto> o/
15:15:36 <rbowen> #chair weshay_pto
15:15:36 <centbot> Current chairs: kushal number80 rbowen trown vmlinuz weshay_pto
15:16:06 <rbowen> weshay_pto, trown: Did y'all have anything to bring up?
15:16:10 <rbowen> Open Floor.
15:16:28 <Arrfab> vmlinuz: no official meeting for CloudInstance SIG, so discussion happens here or centos-devel
15:16:31 <number80> sorry, I'm also in another call
15:16:58 <number80> nothing to say special except that I have to catch up with Arrfab and friends about aarch64 bootstrap
15:16:59 <trown> rbowen: nope, just lurking in case there was something for me :)
15:17:01 <vmlinuz> Arrfab: ok, thanks again
15:17:10 <rbowen> Ok, I won't keep people any longer.
15:17:17 <Arrfab> number80: yeah, still waiting for your email about this ;-)
15:17:27 <rbowen> Thanks for introducing yourself vmlinuz. We look forward to hearing more about what you accomplish.
15:17:29 <weshay_pto> just that we are currently putting some finishing touches and syncing images to the artifacts server w/o syncing to the ci.centos slave
15:17:58 <vmlinuz> rbowen: thank you!
15:18:06 <rbowen> Thanks everyone.
15:18:09 <rbowen> #endmeeting