17:00:54 <tdawson> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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17:01:00 <tdawson> #topic roll call
17:01:17 * sdodson here
17:01:36 * jdetiber waves
17:01:43 <jdetiber> I'm distracted by a sick kiddo, though
17:02:03 <tdawson> hi sdodson
17:02:09 <tdawson> hi jdetiber
17:02:21 <tdawson> jdetiber: hopefully you don't get sick too.
17:02:33 <jdetiber> tdawson: the benefits of working from home :)
17:02:47 <tdawson> Yep
17:03:01 <tdawson> You don't catch whatever is going around the office ... just whatever is going around as school
17:05:46 <jdetiber> _ari_: is attending a f2f today, so he will probably be distracted if not absent
17:06:02 <_ari_> jdetiber: I am sort of here
17:06:09 <tdawson> I was suspecting that ...
17:06:11 <_ari_> PR being actively worked
17:06:12 <tdawson> #chair tdawson jdetiber sdodson
17:06:12 <centbot> Current chairs: jdetiber sdodson tdawson
17:06:33 <tdawson> #topic OpenShift on CentOS Current Status
17:06:46 <tdawson> Starting with automation so _ari_ can be in and out
17:07:44 <_ari_> PR is late unfortunately but made progress last night I am carving up stages into methods in the pipeline
17:09:17 <tdawson> _ari_: Sounds good.   Anything else?
17:10:26 <tdawson> I'll take that as a no.
17:10:39 <tdawson> I'll move on to rpms.
17:10:59 <tdawson> Last week we built the latest 3.7 alpha.1, along with the latest openshift-ansible.
17:11:16 <_ari_> tdawson: nothing else sorry definitely more to report next week
17:11:45 <tdawson> We also got the origin37-testing repo built (thanks to bastian) and the new packages in there.
17:12:40 <tdawson> So in short, I think we're all set for people to test the latest (as of last week) 3.7
17:12:58 <tdawson> That's it for rpms, unless someone has something else to say.
17:13:29 <jdetiber> tdawson: at some point I need to work on trying to build golang 1.8.4 and golang 1.9.1 for multiarch
17:13:54 <tdawson> jdetiber: Shouldn't they "just work" ?  Or have they not been built in fedora yet?
17:14:59 <jdetiber> tdawson: last time I tried to build 1.9.x there were some build/dependency changes that I hit before I ran out of time
17:15:13 <jdetiber> tdawson: I haven't seen a 1.8.4 build anywhere yet, but it is a security fix
17:15:20 <tdawson> Ah ... ok.  I hadn't thought of 1.9
17:16:18 <tdawson> Since we're sorta on the subject, how about we go with multi-arch
17:16:35 <tdawson> jdetiber: how is the multi-arch doing today?
17:16:50 <jdetiber> multiarch pipeline testing is now progressing again: https://ci.centos.org/view/PaaS-SIG/job/paas-multiarch-test/
17:17:12 <tdawson> Good to hear
17:17:21 <jdetiber> some test failures to work out and setup for e2e tests is not working correctly, but successfully able to provision and test against duffy hosts for x86_64 and ppc64le
17:17:50 <jdetiber> I'm working on migrating the pipeline repo over to the PaaS SIG github org
17:18:21 <tdawson> I saw that starting ... how is that going?
17:18:48 <jdetiber> I'm also working on some basic docs and I will start trying to consolidate with _ari_'s work as I can
17:19:10 <jdetiber> tdawson: going good in between multitasking between video meeting and various other distractions :)
17:19:59 <tdawson> Those meetings ... always getting in the way of work. :)
17:20:12 <tdawson> jdetiber: Anything else?
17:20:55 <jdetiber> tdawson: I've started some discussions about bootstrapping an OpenShift cluster for CI use, but initial discussions are still a couple weeks out on that
17:21:32 <tdawson> jdetiber: I think that would be great ...  I hope it happens.
17:21:53 <jdetiber> That's all I have for today
17:22:14 <tdawson> Very good.  Thank you for all of your work.
17:22:24 <tdawson> Moving on to Documentation
17:22:56 <tdawson> I haven't done any Documentation, but I've heard others say they are working on theirs ... so just let me know when it's ready and I'll link over to it.
17:23:35 <tdawson> I think that's it for documentation
17:23:43 <bstinson> jdetiber: can you loop me in on that cluster discussion? or where is that going?
17:24:03 <jdetiber> bstinson: you should already have a meeting invite for it :)
17:24:17 <bstinson> jdetiber: that's what i get for swooping in and only reading IRC :)
17:24:25 <bstinson> thanks
17:24:32 <jdetiber> :)
17:24:47 <tdawson> bstinson: Well, we thanked you earlier, for getting the repo setup ... er ... except I mistyped your name.
17:25:21 <tdawson> Moving on to images and image building
17:25:34 <_ari_> jdetiber: +1
17:25:46 <tdawson> I know sdodson's stuff is still a few weeks out ... do we have anything else to talk about for images and image building?
17:26:30 <tdawson> _ari_: But I missed thanking you ... thank you for the work on your automation ... even when it's only a few things, we still appreciate it.
17:27:16 <tdawson> Moving on to minishift and kompose
17:27:43 <tdawson> And none of those guys are here this week.
17:27:56 <tdawson> #topic Open Floor
17:28:46 <tdawson> Sorry the meeting is feeling a bit rushed this week, but I know that several of you are multi-tasking, and I figure a shorter meeting will help that.
17:29:04 <tdawson> Does anyone have anything that wasn't already discussed earlier?
17:29:58 <tdawson> Is anyone against ending the meeting much earlier than usual?
17:31:02 <jdetiber> +1 from me
17:31:20 <sdodson> that's fine with me
17:31:27 <tdawson> Then I'll talk to ya'll next week.
17:31:27 <sdodson> nothing new from my side
17:31:48 <tdawson> Thanks to everyone for all the work you do for this SIG.
17:31:59 <tdawson> #endmeeting